Fandango At The Tango

Fandango at The Tango has some OUTSTANDING Local AND Regional 
singer-songwriters scheduled for our "Live Music Concert Series"

Photos by: Aaron Winters

Sundays 6:30 pm - Doors open at 6 pm

If you would enjoy a relaxing way to end or begin your week, join us for Fandango At The Tango. Fandango at The Tango has some OUTSTANDING Local AND Regional singer-songwriters scheduled for our "Live Music Concert Series."

UPCOMING SHOWS - Folks... mark your calendars!

For February:

19th - Stay the Plow
26th - Fred Vine, Rockin' Red & Brian Williams

For March:

12th - Jerry Falzone & Liar's Moon
19th -
26th - Amy Collins, Maria Gillard & Connie Deming

For April:

2nd - Woody Dodge
9th- Billy Lambert, Jerry Falzone
23rd - Jeff Riales, Fred Vine & Jed Curran


For August:

6th - Crooked North


Our Johnathan Child house building has had a long history for elegance, entertainment and simply something special in Rochester. We continue that tradition in style.

There is no cover charge for Fandango at the Tango, however, there is a formal "passing of the hat" at the break.  100% of the donations collected go directly to our talented performers! 

Join us this Sunday evening!

Here's a Facebook comment from Jerry Falzone to enjoy:

Very cool how someone like Denis Jones really gets it. Fandango at The Tango has been about nothing more or less than building community. Kerri Vaughn has given us the opportunity to present a vision. I have always felt that if an artist had a venue then people would show up to see what that art was all about. I have been told throughout the years that if you expect to be a songwriter have fun but don't expect anyone to pay you for it. I grew up in a unique era in this town. There was a flourishing music scene with bands like the Brass Buttons, The Rustix, Poor Heart and acts like Bat McGrath & Don Potter, Sun Up and just a host of people who made art their priority. We certainly live in a different time but I think the art that is created now is every bit as viable as it was way back then. Jeff Riales, Scott Regan, Chris Wilson, Bill Tiberio, dare I say it, my own band Jerry Falzone & Liars Moon, The Chinchillas RockandRoll, Watkins & the Rapiers, The Jane Mutiny, David M Miller...these lists can go on and on are all examples of the richness we have in this community right now. A photographic artist like Aaron Winters shows up every week (His photos accompany this piece), on his own just to shoot each event. The scene is remarkably different than it was forty years ago but it is gaining notoriety, not only here but throughout New York State and even further. Fandango at The Tango has been a place to check out what is great in our community, in a comfortable atmosphere with like minded people who want to be a part of something important. This week is going to be a special show with Sarah Jane Hendershot, Rita Coulter, Don Christiano and Dan Hoh. I hope you can come in for a light dinner, drinks and a chance to see what is happening here, in this era.

Here's A Recent D&C Article and Video

Chris Wilson's performance, at our first
"Fandango At The Tango" at our new
Jonathan Child House location on
Washington St location, was breathtaking.
If you missed it, come see him again when he performs here.

Watch Chris Wilson at Fandago At The Tango.

Another d&C Blog and Video of Kate Lee

This is at our old location. Kate Lee's
talent is quite amazing as yo see. She
was here last year at the Tango Cafe
for Fandango At The Tango.

Watch Kate Lee last year at Fandago At The Tango.

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